Friday, February 20, 2009

Hormonal Whiplash


I have always hated birth control pills. I now have a renwed hatred for them.

Yesterday, I felt so pissy all day long. It's like coming down off of some illicit drug or something. Everything is all out of whack, I have the most gimongous zits -- I NEVER get zits. And these aren't just your little pimples, no these are big honking things that are like the size of peas and hard like marbles. And they HURT. Thankfully they are not really in visible places, but that's gross in a whole different way. At least I can keep it as my own little secret. Or our little secret I suppose...

On top of that, I alternately want to hurt things and cry. Sometimes even, when I'm lucky, I'll want to do both simultaneously. Today is Day 12 -- which means I've been "clean" (from Birth Control Pills) for 16 days. I sure hope this runs quickly out of my system and restores me back to the person I know and love.

Poor H, she gets the brunt of it. She's a teaser by nature. And by nature, I'm typically really good about being teased and harassed. I have no patience ever. At this moment, I'm negative patience. And right now, H is headless and reeking of shit.

I'm hoping that yesterday is, well yesterday, and that today I will start to feel like myself again. I feel like my blood is boiling and jumping up and down in my veins at the same time. Very agitated. I'm starting to get a headache. I think I really just need a nap and some snuggles. Sadly, I'm at work and the dog and my bed are at home.

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