Friday, February 20, 2009

National Organization for Marriage - Get OUT OF RHODE ISLAND!!!

This infuriates me beyond belief.

"Aren't you tired of legislators that can't keep their priorities straight -- tell them to stop messing around with gay marriage and get back to work". Oh, I'm sorry, I thought civil rights WAS work!

You can listen to the hateful bits here:—-help-us-stop-them-before-next-weeks-hearing/

Just click the arrow that's in the middle of the page, it's not real obvious.

Don't they know I'm unstable right now? Seriously, this bitch is going to start slapping people any minute.


H had the nifty idea to use the website email your legislator function to write a counter version of the letter using their site and resources. BRILLIANT I say BRILLIANT.

Here's my version of the letter which actually includes the text that their email generator defaults to (Please feel to steal it and send it on yourself):

SUBJECT: PLEASE SUPPORT Gay marriage bill 0147

To: John F. McBurney, Leo R. Blais, Michael J. McCaffrey, Erin P. Lynch, Maryellen Goodwin, Rhoda E. Perry, Paul V. Jabour, Harold M. Metts, Charles J. Levesque, Christopher B. Maselli, Your State Representative(s)
From: [Your Name]

As a concerned citizen of Rhode Island, I am asking you to PLEASE SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE.

The message below is an example of hate, fear mongering, and just plain ignorance.

I am not asking you to redefine marriage, I am asking you to do what is right and grant every citizen of this state the right to a civil marriage to be recognized by this state. We are flanked by two states that have already done this... let's join them and show that Rhode Island believes in equal rights for ALL.

PLEASE PASS Senate Bill 0147 -- and do the right thing... the right thing is sometimes radical, but it's still the right thing.

Please REJECT SB0136 -- love makes a family and love makes a marriage, not gender. Protect ALL of Rhode Island's children -- give them security by allowing their straight and gay mom's and dad's the right to marry.

I'm not asking to take away any religious groups rights. I don't think that they should be required to hold ceremonies for relationships that they feel their faith disallows. I'm asking, that the license that joins two people into a committed LAWFUL union be granted to all of Rhode Island's citizens. Call it whatever you want, but if it's granted by the state it should be the same for everyone. Separate is not equal.


For too long, concerned Rhode Islanders have been told that our efforts to protect marriage are a waste of time. But now, a handful of activists are pushing a Senate Bill 0147, a radical same-sex marriage bill currently pending before the Judiciary Committee.

I urge you to oppose SB0147, and instead support SB0136, protecting our state's time-tested understanding of marriage as the union of a husband and wife, providing their children with the love and security of their own mother and father.

Already, the recognition of same-sex marriage and civil unions has threatened the civil rights of religious groups opposed to same-sex marriage, as exemptions prove far to thin for the realities of modern life. Catholic Charities has been deprived of its adoption license; a Methodist group has been denied tax exemption for refusing to permit a civil union ceremony on its property. And this is just the tip of what is sure to be a much larger iceberg.

Thank you for your consideration of this important issue. Please vote to protect marriage and vote no on same-sex marriage.


(your name here)
(your address here)


  1. Totally brilliant. Thanks for doing the leg-work by writing this letter. I'm sending it off right now! (I especially like the part about RI being flanked by 2 states who have gay marriage... c'mon, RI... we can't be shown up by CONNECTICUT, for Christ's sake!

  2. Uh oh. I just sent the letter using the evil website, and then got an email back from the evil people thanking me for my support. Gross! I wrote back and told them they do NOT have my support, but I'm afraid they are just an automated response somewhere in cyberspace... I feel dirty.

  3. Yeah, I meant to come back and mention that part... I was not too pleased. Then I thought... at least now I know what they're up to. I haven't received any other correspondence since then -- hopefully that is the last of it!

  4. you cna unsubscribe here: