Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not a hen yet...

Since I am notoriously impatient, it is no surprise that when I received my p-sticks on Friday I immediately ran to the bathroom and tinkled on one. After a bit of a hub bub with my roommate about WHERE we would be resting the pending p-sticks after tinklage has taken place, it was negative.

It was brought to my attention that the edge of the bathroom sink was NOT in fact the proper place to rest one's tinkle residue ridden diagnostic tools. The proper place I am told is on the window sill, where unsuspecting hand washers (and I think we all know that H is compulsive about this) will never encounter said device. And then it must be clorox wiped "every. time.".

Personally, I thought the edge of the sink made perfect sense so it could be cleaned easily. Emphatically not. So, I instead rest the covered tinkle swab on the original package on a Clorox wipe on the window sill. So far so good. I thought this was a bad idea -- I'll let you know what happens when the cat decides to bat it off of the sill onto the floor.

BTW, did I tell you the cheapest place to buy tinkle sticks of various sorts? Well, if I didn't, it is .

Right, so, no hatching for me yet. Also not surprising, since technically I was told to start peeping on sticks today... which I haven't done yet.

Every time I think about ovulation, I think about that bunny from the Cadbury Cream Egg commercial from the early 1980's. He's sitting making a chicken like clucking noise "buhck buchk buhck" and then he gets up and suddenly there are eggs. I said to H last night, "hey, maybe I'll lay some eggs with the Cadbury Bunny" She admitted to me how magical she also found that to be as a child -- and that it was a driving factor behind the obsession that she also has with Cadbury Cream Eggs. Truly brilliant programming by Cadbury... I personally was also fascinated with the true egg like appearance when they pulled them apart. Really, how DID they get the yellow in there and make it round like a yolk? I'm pretty sure it's because the bunny really DID lay those eggs. They are magical.

When I was little, my dad told me that chocolate was actually Easter Bunny poop. This did not deter me from consuming massive amounts of chocolate, however, which is no doubt what he was going for. I think it actually made me eat more...

I'm looking forward to Easter... it has some of my favorite candy... Cadbury Cream Eggs, Miniature Cadbury Eggs with the hard coating, DOVE EGGS (dark chocolate mmmmmmmm), and of course Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. I will not be consuming the tons that I usually do since it is counter productive to my "fitness" plan, but I definitely plan to partake.

Can you still find the little tins of chocolate cigarettes or are those considered to be inappropriate these days? I used to really love those -- from Fannie Farmer I think.

Lastly, it's my blog and I'll be off topic if I want to. ;-)

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