Monday, February 23, 2009

Ovia and Cap'n

Ovia is a fairy of sorts-- the fairy god mother of ovulation if you will -- I have not yet been blessed by Ovia.

Ovia has a faithful sidekick Cap'n.

Together, they will get you a baby!

As of today, I have had 10 full days of Phase 2 herbs. No sign yet of any little hatchlings (no + p-stick yet and no temp spike.) I emailed Patricia today and she is going to order more phase 2 since I have only about 3.5 day supply left. I think I need to continue phase 2 until I get a positive p-stick.

Speaking of temperature spikes... I know I mentioned how much my thermometer collection sucks. I will soon be trying out yet another one (thanks for the hand me down Monica!), I'll let you know how it goes. One good thing though... the directions for the last one I purchased -- says "for oral use only" EUREKA! At least we have an answer to the burning question of "HOW do you take a basal temperature?"

It's a pretty slow news day otherwise. I was feeling a little under the weather over the weekend -- I couldn't figure out if it was the beginnings of a cold or allergies. Naturally, I feel just ducky today at work... but I'm grateful to not be sick. I am especially grateful that I am well because it seems like everyone has the pukey flu. I am horrendously puke phobic (the official term is Emetophobic) -- I have the worst panic attacks -- even seeing it on TV makes me extremely uncomfortable. (Just one more reason why the LWORD sucked ASS last night. That show is infuriating... I'm glad it's the last season. I'm tired of wasting my money -- and yet I always feel compelled to continue on with it.)
If you haven't seen Jesus Has Two Mommies, you should definitely do so. I saw it twice live and it is just hilarious. It does lose a little in the video version, but I don't think there are any plans to perform it live again. It's just brilliant.

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