Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am ready for spring.

At 8:20am this morning, my car was 19 degrees. I am typically a person who cannot get cool. Well, today, I cannot get warm! I don't know if it's the weight loss (20 lbs in 8 weeks!) or the fact that my hormones are getting reaquainted or what. But damnit, I need a hot chocolate.

Also, my allergies feel that spring is already here. Not to be gross, but I must have blown my nose 20 times this morning before I left the house. I want to stick something sharp in my ear and take a fork to the back of my throat to stop the itching. THANK GOD I am going to the allergist tomorrow. I'm glad he insisted on seeing me back in 6 months... I need something more.

I'm still continuing to chart and I am unclear as to how this whole thing is supposed to work. I guess I should pick up a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. After I got a temperature spike Thursday morning and my positive p-stick on Thursday afternoon, I assumed everything went off without a hitch. Now, I'm not so sure.

My temperature plummeted on Friday morning and I thought that I recalled that it should kind of stay up. So, I contacted Patricia to let her know I needed to order some Phase 4 (because I thought I was about to ovulate) -- and then I asked for some clarification on when to begin taking it. This only confused me further.

On Friday night, about 30 hours after my + OPK I thought I felt ovulatory pain. So, what I'm trying to find out now, is what my temperature should be doing. It's been going up a little bit each day since then, but not all that high. I just sent her my charts so hopefully she'll be able to explain what's going on.

I think if I'm understanding this correctly, I should've gotten a + OPK, THEN a temperature spike. But I got temp spike in the morning, - opk in the morning, + OPK in the afternoon, and then a - OPK in the evening. The following morning after temperature spike, my temperature plummeted and has had a gradual rise since then.

Today is CD24 (cycle day 24) ... + OPK (ovulation predictor kit - pstick) was on CD18.

I'm so confused!


  1. I would definitely recommend getting the book- even just interlibrary loan it.
    From what I understand you ovulate then your temp goes up and stays up. The temp drops again the day your period starts- unless, of course, you are pregnant- then it stays up.
    The important thing is to not get bogged down by one temp reading. It's more about the overall pattern. Maybe can you post a picture of your chart?
    ps- Shalonne sent me here to look at your chart stuff. I know Angela (queer baby making blog) has some experience with charting also.

  2. Hi! Thanks for checking it out. I just posted the chart -- Shalonne did give me a heads up that I might be hearing from you.

    Thanks Sarah! And... nice to meet you.