Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Official...

I actually did not ovulate, but at least my body is moving in the right direction.

I've moved back to taking Phase 2.

Here's a summary of what Patricia had to say over the last few days:

"Phase 3 is taken from + OPK until the temp rise, usually from 3' F to 1' F, which indicates that you have in fact ovulated. If the temp rise does not last it can indicate that your body was trying to ovulated but the chemistry was still just not right and ovulation may have failed. In this case I recommend staying on phase 3 for 3 days, if the temp spikes again and stays up you stop phase 3 and start phase 4. If the temp does not spike go back to phase 2 and continue nourishing yin. Yin generates yang so if you don't have enough yang to trigger an ovulation you go back to building yin which will in turn strengthen yang to try to release an egg again. To clarify, you are never on phase 3 and 4 at the same time 3 leads into 4. "

"It looks to me like you didn't actually ovulate. Your body is trying hard but the temp. didn't stay up and the temps at the beginning are really high. So it looks like the whole thing is off. It's almost backwards. A normal biphasic pattern on a chart would be lower temps in the follicular phase(first 14 days) then higher temps in the luteal phase(last fourteen days). So we still have some work to do. But I'm really encouraged that you got your period so give it time it will balance out. Your working hard and your doing a lot of really healthy things so it will be reflected in time on the chart. "

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