Monday, April 6, 2009

Freaking Out A Little Bit

There was a lay off on Friday and luckily H and I are both still employed. The scary thing is that I just found out that they told another department that their positions would be moved to the Philippines in the next 3 to 9 months.

This past summer, there was a big meeting with our department and theirs to let us know that we would be inheriting the account maintenance for this other company. So, we all felt pretty secure in our jobs. Friday, we were told that they would be hiring 5 people in the Philippines to deal with the "simpler account portfolios" for our department and that they didn't think it would be likely that the bigger portfolios would be successfully managed there. So, the people here would have a shift in accounts, but that we would still be employed.

There's nothing I can do about it, I know... it's just nerve racking. It doesn't take a brain scientist to make the leap that moving some of the simpler portfolio's to the Philippines is probably a trial run to see how it works out. Obviously if it works well, then I'm sure we'll be seeing our jobs go there too.

I don't plan to leave this company unless I don't have a choice. I love my job, my management staff is awesome (although I could do without most of my peers). I just hate the feeling of not being in charge of my own fate.

The government needs to start imposing HUGE penalties for moving jobs over seas -- if this keeps up, where will the American People work!?! President Obama, Help US!!!!! How can you plan your life/FAMILY when you don't know when/if you'll be employed? I mean really? It's so scary!

I'm lucky to live with H in a house that is owned (and has no mortgage) by her family. We pay a pretty hefty rent, but I am fairly certain that her parents won't throw us out of there if we lose our jobs. So, that helps a little, but I have LOTS OF BILLS! I don't know how I'd ever keep up.

Anyone have any suggestions for starting your own business?

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  1. I would love nothing more than to start my own nursery school/afterschool program. J says that the gov. is giving alot of grant $$ right now for small businesses, especially for education purposes. You're good at research.... find out how we go about it, and we can go into business together!