Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Need A Money Tree

Who doesn't, right?

Seriously though, I tallied up all of the money I have spent on project baby since it began 1-06-09 and it's ridiculous.

Look at this!

I have done up a little budget and I am BLOWING IT. So, I have to stop with the magic custom herbs for now. Because my body is not co-operating, it is costing much more money than I expected per month. This is caused by the fact that I am stuck on Phase 2 -- which is $200.00 every 33 days. That's right -- they are a $.50 a pill. $6.00 a day, $3.00 a dose! That's more than Coffee from Dunkin Donuts! Normally phase 2 is taken for a short amount of time during the cycle, not months on end!

Plan B is that I'm going to continue peeing on sticks and charting my temps. Instead of the magic custom herbs, I am going to take FertilAid and FertilCM and FertiliTEA. The cost is much much much more affordable. I have read a lot of feedback about FertilAID and FertiliTEA on MDC and they swear by it. If I'm not cycling by the time I've lost more weight then (maybe 20lbs more?), I will re-address in 6 months from the first day I start taking it.

It will cost $124.02 for 3 months worth of FertilAID and FertilCM vs. $200.00 for magic custom herbs. I'm not ruling out the custom herbs, I just have to rule them out for now.

In the meantime, I'm taking donations. :-D H suggested I post a paypal link on my blog. She might be on to something! I should start a foundation that helps SMBC and Lesbian/Gay couples get resources to help defray the costs of this stuff. It's crazy! I hope my state will step up and get on the marriage wagon then my health insurance would cover everything I needed! At the rate I'm going, I won't have a house to put a baby in! Total insanity. I just want a baby. BADLY.

Everyone says to adopt... these people clearly have no idea how much that costs either. Totally out of my reach.

BAH! I'm so discouraged. I either need to win the lottery or find myself a sugar mama.


  1. If I can keep the peppers alive, I'll plant a money tree and give you some of the crop. Harvest? Things that fall off? Must learn gardener vocab.

  2. I think that might be the nicest thing that anyone who doesn't know me has ever said!

    I don't think money has to be fresh, so I take whatever you find rotting on the ground.

  3. I totally think you should put up a paypal link. It doesn't hurt to ask, you know? We're thinking of having a benefit party like some trans people have to help pay for surgeries. DP's also planning on a sponsored bike ride.

    Then again, a sugar mama is a great idea. Too bad they're so hard to find...