Thursday, May 21, 2009

Out the Window Kind of Day

I had the most awesome drive home tonight. The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS. H and I took separate cars to work today because I was supposed to have an acupuncture appointment which got rescheduled. So, I did everything she hated (and everything that I love to do) while I drove home. Windows DOWN. Sunroof OPEN. Hand out the window in the wind. Awesome. Would've been better if I could've shared the joy with her, but that would never happen because she HATES driving with the windows down. :-)

So, headed into this long weekend, I wish you a hand out the window kind of day!

Days Go By - Keith Urban


  1. Hey there. Wondering if you had an e-mail address - I'd be happy to e-mail you the link. They also have a lot of other beautiful jewelry that's baby-related that your friend might appreciate. I'm sorry to hear of her loss.

  2. (er, and you can always e-mail me at twohotmamas at gmail).