Friday, July 24, 2009


I haven't biked since Mother's Day weekend.

I have gained back half of the weight I've lost.

I have been an insane lunatic this week.

I haven't been to Yoga since my Gall bladder attack.

I haven't been attentive to the blog, so you don't even know that I HAD a gall bladder attack.

I have forgotten to temp in the morning upon first waking for nearly a month. I keep remember when I'm already up and about.

I have turned 32.

I have hated everything lately and really I have no reason to hate anything. (see about about being an insane lunatic)

I have been so empathic about everything that I'm actually taking it all on.

sigh. Still I try to ovulate and then I don't. Still no cycle since January.

I am going broke.

I love Debbie Gibson. (more on that later.)