Friday, July 24, 2009


I haven't biked since Mother's Day weekend.

I have gained back half of the weight I've lost.

I have been an insane lunatic this week.

I haven't been to Yoga since my Gall bladder attack.

I haven't been attentive to the blog, so you don't even know that I HAD a gall bladder attack.

I have forgotten to temp in the morning upon first waking for nearly a month. I keep remember when I'm already up and about.

I have turned 32.

I have hated everything lately and really I have no reason to hate anything. (see about about being an insane lunatic)

I have been so empathic about everything that I'm actually taking it all on.

sigh. Still I try to ovulate and then I don't. Still no cycle since January.

I am going broke.

I love Debbie Gibson. (more on that later.)


  1. Hey! Get those spirits up - however you can. My two kiddos were IVF babies (after age 40). They gave me a 7% chance of getting pregnant - let alone having a baby. I swear the trick was just believing there was no way in hell it WASN'T going to happen! So buck up and start believing.

  2. Thank you so much for that... it's so difficult sometimes to remember that some things just take time. It's hard to see that there might be an end in sight! :)