Monday, September 21, 2009

Shake Your Love, I Just Can't Shake Your Love

Ah, 1989.
Age 12.
The gangly sort of time where you kind of had boobs, but they were weird and pointy. And even if they weren't pointy... you thought they were weird because you went to bed one night wearing your underoos only to awaken the next day with something dangling off the front of you. Well, at least if you were me this is what happened.

A mouth full of metal, gigantic hair, and even gigantic-er earrings... and let's not forget the black bolero hat.

That's right. I was like, totally, like Debbie Gibson's like number ONE fan.

From the Sears Wishbook -- you remember that right? The Bible, the Holy Grail, The Holy Grible if you will -- the MOTHER of all catalogs. The Sears CHRISTMAS Wishbook. That's right baby. I circled that sucker and begged for the Debbie Gibson sweatshirt. I thank my Auntie Linda and Uncle Ray for this that which I would like to bring to you today:

(if you click the photo you can see my Debbie Gibson sweat shirt up close)

I finished this winter look with a cheerleading jacket and scarf to match my BFF at the time, Katie. Note the Debbie Gibson black bolero hat... because wearing a photo of your favorite star isn't enough.

Katie and I both cheered for the same team. I thought I was so wicked cool with my side pony tail.

But mostly. I loved Debbie Gibson. I didn't really listen to anything except for Debbie Gibson. I did occasionally listen to Billy Joel and Elton John since my parents did -- oh and also -- because like, they were Deb's, like idols and stuff. And so, anybody she thought was cool, I did too.

I danced for HOURS AND HOURS to my Debbie Gibson Out of the Blue (Live in Concert) VHS

I wore my hair in a pony tail with a bandanna tied in it.

I wanted that damn cheer leading Letterman jacket so I could be just like her ( I wanted our team colors to be BLACK AND WHITE DAMMIT, not red and white):

And if you spy really close... you'll see that Buddy... the guy on the left has been dancing with her since 1988!

When I saw her in concert this summer, I was amazed to see Buddy! I knew just who he was (I even remembered his name!) and H, I could tell, was so impressed when Debbie made this point while on stage. (I think she smirked at me.)

This past summer, Buddy did NOT do any aerial somersaults:

I desperately wanted to be one of those little girls that she brought up on stage. (Preferably the girl in the pink and white, she totally had the better moves.)

I thought my life might have peaked this past June, when 20 years later, I finally was able to meet Debbie Gibson. And can I just say... WOW. So gracious. So. Very. HOT. and... so very tiny.

Her smallness is further exacerbated by my gigantic boobs. I'm sorry Debbie. I'm sorry that I almost suffocated you with my doughy (no longer pointy, but definitely more dangly) bosoms. She does look a little frightened, doesn't she? (Photo props go to H for being my super human hero photographer even though she has a STRICT policy AGAINST being anywhere near famous people. And also many thanks to Canon for making it allllll possible.) I'm still mad that I didn't have money on me for a t-shirt.

Anyway. I really thought life could not get any better. Until... I went to acupuncture last Thursday. My friend Keri, and acupuncturist extraordinaire, presented me with this:

I think it might be one of the best presents I've ever gotten. :)

Her father's friend used to deliver mail to Debbie's house and he got this autographed picture for her.

She learned of my childhood (and what seems to still be so in adulthood) crush when I told her all about how Debbie Gibson was at Pride.

She went home for the weekend to celebrate her father's birthday and dug this out of the attic. How cool is that?

I love the fact that it has tack marks in the corner and the edges are a little yellowed. I think about how cool it must've been to hang an autographed photo of Debbie Gibson on your wall as a kid.

I heart it. I'm thinking about where to hang it. I might just frame it and put it in my bedroom for old times sake. :)

Thank you Keri!!!

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