Saturday, October 10, 2009

Progress Report

Temping: C-

Remembering to take supplements: A

Acupuncture: A+

Weight loss: F--------

Exercise: F---

Eating Healthy: D

Peeing on sticks: B+

Ugh. WHY. IS. IT. So. ***DIFFICULT***

I wish I had more to say. I super wicked took a flying leap off of the general effort to be healthy wagon. I'm trying to get back on, but the chocolate keeps calling me. And yes, somehow the chocolate is preventing me from climbing on the bike, or from taking a walk. (I'm actually have such pain in my legs from my compartment syndrome issues that it is hard to push myself.) -excuses - excuses - excuses-

Also, who can resist apple pie?

I have a wedding to go to in December, and if I don't quit eating, I'm not going to have anything to wear! Really, need to work on this.

I've been thinking about my lack of period and how I plan to handle it. February will mark 1 year since I last had a cycle. If I still haven't had a period by then, I'm thinking about progesterone.

Do you know of any natural progesterone pills or creams? Have you had any luck using them successfully? Are there benefits to using these over the commercially available RX kind of progesterone (horse hormones I think!)?

Anyway, my plan is to take **some** kind of progesterone during the time my body should be naturally increasing progesterone levels on its own. So, when I get a +OPK, I'll start taking the progesterone for the 14 days or whatever it is and work in concert with my body. Maybe it will just need a little more coaching to get back on track.


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