Saturday, January 2, 2010

Plea for Chicken Soup Recipe

I need your help. I love chicken soup. But only certain kinds of chicken soup. I don't really like a lot of veggies in my soup, just onion, celery, and carrots if I must. I don't like dark meat chicken, but I like my white meat to be moist in my soup.

There are two local restaurants that make yummy chicken soup. One uses egg noodles, and the other uses ancini di pepe (thie little tiny pasta balls). I don't even mind escarole. My problem, is that when I make soup it comes out thick. YUCK. I think I'm putting too much pasta? Also, the broth should be thin (And clearish.)... not thick like you get at Panera. They have gross chicken soup (in my opinion).

Please help me make good soup! I vow to make every soup recipe that is provided to me and to declare a winner. I will keep making soups until I find the perfect one. Help me internets. Help ME!

I should disclose that I am partial to soups that use little pasta balls.


  1. Well, I have a recipe for the best chicken soup I've ever eaten but, it is very different from what you are looking for. It uses dark meat and lots of veggies. There is plenty of nice clear broth though. Maybe you can just use it as a guideline and substitute the ingrediants you like? This recipe is from my Mom - she normally uses chicken thighs with the skin on and also throws in some gizzards and hearts

    Non-Stick Spray

    ¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    1 Large Sweet Onion, Sliced/Quartered

    4 #s Chicken* Any combination of chicken parts; hearts and gizzards. Degrease top the next day.

    ¼ cup Sofrito

    ¼ cup Recaito

    ¼ cup Alcaparrado

    2 Sazon Envelopes

    2 tabs Parsley Flakes

    2 tabs Adobo

    2 12-oz cans Bud-Light Beer

    1 15-oz can Chick Peas

    1 15-oz can Lima Beans

    1 15-oz can Dark Red Kidney Beans

    8 cups Water

    1 10-oz pack frozen sweet corn

    1 10-oz pack frozen mixed vegs

    1 10-oz pack frozen green beans

    1 cup Prince Casserole Elbows

    [Remove vegetables from freezer, thaw at room temperature.]

    In large pot, coated w/non-stick spray, heat olive oil to brown chicken parts. Continue cooking while adding onions, hearts and gizzards. Mix in sofrito, recaito, alcaparrado, sazon, parsley, adobo, and beer. Continue cooking for five minutes. Raise heat to high and add chickpeas, lima beans, kidney beans and water; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer one hour. Add vegetables, cover, cook ½ hour over medium heat. Stir in casserole elbows, turn heat off and let sit on top of burner for another ½ hour before removing bones and serving.

    Good luck!

  2. Yay! Thanks Shalonne. Soup with BEER!!!! That HAS to be good!


    What are and where can I find the following:

    ¼ cup Sofrito

    ¼ cup Recaito

    ¼ cup Alcaparrado

    2 tabs Adobo


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