Friday, July 13, 2012

And In 10...

Today is the blessed Cycle Day 1!  I started spotting a bit yesterday afternoon and by late evening things had progressed nicely.  The doctor's office consider's Cycle Day 1 to be the first day of full on Red Bleeding, but only if the bleeding occurs before 3 pm.  Mine did not. So, today is CD 1!

I called the Lab yesterday to schedule my CD3 bloodwork, which actually would be CD4 blood work (um, wtf?) and that didn't make any sense to me.  I also attempted to schedule the Hysterosalpingogram, but some how they are already booked up! They are now scrambling to find another doctor that can do it.  There are so many people on vacation that they are just swamped right now.  As I was looking through some papers, I realized that I had notes about a baseline ultrasound and decided to call the office back.  The woman I spoke with apparently didn't realize that I might do the IUI this cycle, so she didn't schedule the baseline u/s.  So, now I am waiting for the nurses to call me back to do that.  So, we will be doing an ultrasound and CD3 blood work ON CD3, which makes me happy because I am a rule follower.

This means that I will begin clomid on CD5, which is Tuesday July 17th!  As my mother would say, "Holy Cows!"  Can someone pinch me because I cannot believe that this is finally happening.

H is apprehensive but super supportive and we are in discussions about co-parenting in an intentional way as opposed to the "just seeing what happens" kind of way.  I'm so grateful for her support -- this is stepping way out of her comfort zone and into the unknown, so it really means so much to me.  She's a good egg (and the only kind of GOOD Egg are the chocolate kind.  Preferably Cadbury.  She's definitely one of those!)

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