Sunday, July 15, 2012


All day today I was a hot mess.

As I mentioned last night, I got my lab slip out and put it on the table so that I wouldn't forget it this morning.

I woke up on time.  Went out side, meditated, fed the koi, and sat with the dogs.  I showered, got dressed, and fed the animals.  I woke H up to let her know it was time for her to get up and get ready and I hopped in the car and was on my way.  About halfway there, I realized that I didn't have my cell phone.  I realized this when I took the wrong exit because I was so busy fretting about and being distracted by this baby I am attempting to make.  I am now running late, so  I reach for my phone to call the office, only to realize that I don't have my phone.  At this moment, I remember that I did not grab my lab slip with its 1,027 little check boxes checked, and it is sitting sad and alone on the table at home.  I also cannot call to find out if this will be a problem or whether they have a record of it because, again, I do not have my phone.

I FINALLY arrive at the office 7 minutes late.  I hate to be late, but at this point I'm just grateful to have made it in one piece.

The very nice woman in the office goes to great lengths to make me feel more at ease about my utter lack of organization and for the fact that I am late and it works.  I immediately feel more relaxed.  They usher me back to the lab area where I give 7,897 vials of blood and request a urine sample. I'm dry as the sahara, so I decided to wait until after my ultrasound.  

If you have never had a vaginal ultrasound, you really have not lived.  There is something disconcerting about being wanded so early in the morning, particularly when they didn't even have the decency to buy me breakfast!  I did have the accidental forethought to wear a dress, so no drape or undressing was really necessary.  If only I had gone commando, I'd have been all set!  I'll be sure to repeat this for the next ultrasound.  I did take off my shoes though, because heels in stirups just seems... I dunno, like a bad porno or something.

My ovaries look great.  Finally, my half left ovary looks smaller than my right one.  So, it looks like all of my organs are delighted with all of the changes I've made.  

After the ultrasound, I go into the ladies room to try to squeeze out my urine sample.  WHY has no one figured out an easier way to capture urine from females?  WHY???  Why must we always piss on our hands??  Ugh.  So, I wipe the container and place it in the biohazard bag they gave me. I put it down where all of the  bags of urine have been placed before it.  I clean myself up.  I wash my hands, and I exit the bathroom.  I stop at the front desk to inquire about how I still have not heard about when my HSG will be.  They assure me that someone will definitely call me on Monday.  I hop on the elevator and as the doors are closing, I remember: OMG!! I LEFT MY PEE IN THE BATHROOM ON THE COUNTER!!!  But, it is too late, the doors have closed, and I am forced to complete my 4 floor descent to level 1.  I hit the doors close button and #4 and I go right back up, past the lady at the desk, and into the ladies room.  Where my pee is sitting, still warm, and safe and sound.  I bring the pee to the lab and I leave once again.

My entire day ran with this theme.  Nothing terrible happened, but I just have not been on my game.  What a crazy day.  I took my first clomid awhile ago and I'm zonked now.  It is midinight, so I'm heading to bed!  Fingers crossed that I am unaffacted emotionally and have no adverse reactions to the clomid!

I've attempted to proof read this entry 6 times and I keep falling asleep.  Please excuse the typos or whatever else I did. (Especially if I typed about how much I always wanted sea monkeys.)

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