Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

What an unbelievably hot day it was today!  We hung around the house and went in the pool with a couple we enjoy spending time with.  There is a super secret spot in our town where a bar puts off fire works on the shore.  The bar collects money from its patrons all year long and then they host a big BBQ at the bar and then everyone drives over to the super secret place to watch the fire works.

We don't go to the bar, but up until recently, we DID live on the shoreline of said super secret fireworks.  What's amazing is that you can really see several different fireworks displays from other towns and other people.  Every year the bar competes (unofficially) with a family across the water -- they must be loaded, because the displays go on for over an hour.  It's so beautiful to see them reflecting on the water.  There's not a huge crowd or tons of traffic. It is really stellar.

This year it was pretty amazing thinking that at this time NEXT year, we might have a little tiny baby to share it with. We'll have to borrow grandpa's ear muffs from shooting so as not to hurt the little one's ears.

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