Saturday, July 14, 2012


So, some of what I told you yesterday was incorrect.  My protocol is actually a bit different than I originally stated.  Tomorrow will be STD tests, Day 3 blood work and baseline blood work, and baseline ultrasound.

Pending those results, I am to start clomid tomorrow night (50mg) and continue for 5 days until Thursday evening.  On July 24th, I will go in for another ultrasound to check on the baby follicles.  If they are mature enough, we will trigger with Ovidrel sometime between 1030pm and 1130pm, followed 12 hours later by an IUI.  Then we'll begin the very first two week wait.  If the follies are too small, we'll give it another day to let them mature, and then head back in for another ultrasound.  So, IUI will definitely be no earlier than 7/25 but definitely by 7/29.

$314.57 aka "What Makes A Baby"
I picked up my meds tonight.  My insurance does not cover medication, but thankfully covers all of the diagnostics.  So, while I had to pay $314.00 for 3 trigger shots and 5 clomid pills, I think that's really not too shabby.  The IUI and the sperm "washing" and thawing costs UP TO  $391.00, which I have prepaid out of my FSA funds just in case work has a lay off.  

That's all of the news for now... I will report back tomorrow.  I should be ready to roll -- I have my paperwork on the table so that I don't forget it.

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