Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Two doses in.  Today I'm noticing a tad bit of stomach upset -- I was vaguely nauseated upon waking this morning, but it passed quickly and was very mild.  I have had the runs though since last night. Today, I definitely notice that it is more frequent.  No mood changes thus far, so I will take it!

I have also noticed increased sweating.  It is mieserably hot here, but I am in A/C.  My biggest issue is recovering from the heat once I come out of it.  Again, not even worth complaining about.

My HSG is scheduled for 7/24/12 at 9am and my follicle check will be the same day at 8am. Earliest IUI date is 7/25/12, but it all depends on how they look and when we trigger.  We are doing the IUI 12 hours post Ovidrel Trigger, not the usual 36 hours because we are only doing one vial. This will give us the best chance not to "miss" the little eggy.

So far so good.

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