Sunday, July 29, 2012

Urine Nation

I live in a land consumed by the need to pee.

If I were Native American, my name would be I Pee Frequently.

I left a message with the RE's office last night requesting a call back.  It seems the Cranberry Juice and water I consumed really has not reduced the urge to pee.  (Not surprising... but that damn pressure!!)

I heard from the doctor first thing this morning and she called in an Rx for Bactrim to treat UTI.  She said if I'm not better by early afternoon tomorrow, that I need to be seen in the office.

She asked about whether I have cramping, I don't.  Just tons of pressure and lots of peeing.  I have had UTI before, and normally I have urgency, but when I go there is little to no pee.  This is urgency with pee!  Still waking up at night to pee.

The HCG shot would not cause the pressure feeling in the uterus as one of its side effects, so who knows if it's a UTI or not.

Stay tuned for the Tinkle Times morning bulletin.

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