Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back On Track?

We may soon be back on track.

CD2 here, already!  I started spotting on CD17 and the SPLOOSH! (Really, I'm making up for the lame flow last cycle.)

It's funny how AF can mean different things at different times.  Sometimes, I want to kill the b!tch. Other times, like now, I want to invite her in for a week's stay and then wish her well for at least another 12 months.  However, there were years where I was praying for her arrival, but PCOS was reeking havoc with her.

The problem with her is that she shows up whenever the heck she wants.  Frankly, I was happy for awhile when she made her monthly pilgrimage and found me to be a hospitable host. However, now that we're well acquainted again, I'd like her to yield to the embryo/blastocyst and just help them rest comfortably, but to keep her nose out of things.

Tomorrow, I go for CD3 blood work and a baseline ultrasound.  I suspect our little cyst is gone (hence the bleeding) and if that is true, then I will begin the 5 day clomid cycle tomorrow.  Hopefully, things will match up follicle wise when the time comes and I'll be able to have my IUI on Sunday 9/9/12. Would be great to not have to miss work!  I think they are getting a little tired of my cryptic appointments.

I'm nearly out of vacation and sick time for the year.  Thank goodness I have the capability to work from home, but it is frowned upon.  So, it's tough to balance all of that.  How do you handle multiple doctors appointments when TTC?  Especially if you don't feel comfortable revealing what they are for?

I am also wicked excited about a new part time job that I got.  I have been recently hired as a Pediatric Research Assistant a big hospital around here.  I'm so excited about the project that I could just burst!  My doula work enabled me to acquire some new skills and hopefully this will put me on a new career path.  I still have my full time job, but I'll be working per diem nights and weeknds. Woo hoo!

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