Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bog of Crazy is a Murky, Murky, Place (Why you shouldn't test early...)

So, to update with full disclosure, last night and yesterday morning (7dpIUI/8dpT) I got two VERY faintly positive tests.  I took photos of them and sent them to a couple of friends and we squinted together virtually. We guardedly thought I could be pregnant.  (The tests look pregnant but very faintly, so we wondered if these tests could be more sensitive.)

On Monday, 6 days post trigger shot, I THOUGHT I tested the HcG trigger shot out of my system.  (Way too early for anything to have implanted. Implantation occurs between 6 and 12 days post ovulation.  Mathematically I fouled this up. If I had thought more carefully ( and googled, sooner, how to count days past ovulation do you count the day of as day 1? or the day after?), I would have realized that there was NO WAY I could even be pregnant yet.

Today I am 8 days post IUI, 9 days post trigger shot (no idea how many days past ovulation I am) and as mentioned earlier today my friend made a delivery of pregnancy tests.  I'm pretty sure we emptied out CVS in the southern part of the state.  I used both a CVS Early Response test (compare to First Response Early Result) and a First REsponse Early Result.  The CVS is a blue dye test, and the First Response is pink dye.  I'm told it makes a difference and that for some reason pink is better. No idea why.  Both are negative.

And now I know why you don't test early, even when you think you outsmarted the system, you probably haven't.

Also, it should be required that they put the reading sensitivies on the boxes.

So, I know it's early.  I still feel gross and have to pee all of the time.  But I'm feeling wicked bummed and moderately crabby.  Maybe it's a hormone crash, maybe it's let down of testing gone awry, but I think my lesson has been learned.  Which is not to say that I probably won't test first thing tomorrow morning, because I probably will.  I'm just not going to expect to see anything.

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