Thursday, August 23, 2012


I had somewhat of an unexpected intermission from blogging; that cyst decided to wreak a little havoc.

On Saturday, the pressure that I had been having began increasing again. Then it got to the point where I couldn't totally stand up straight.

By Sunday morning, I had a full night's sleep and was feeling much better.  However, by late night Sunday, I was having trouble sleeping and could only find comfort in the open knee chest position.  Thank goodness for my doula knowledge, I don't think I'd have slept at all.  This allowed for less pressure in my abdomen and pelvic area and relieved the pain somewhat to where it was manageable.  It hurt to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING.  I couldn't pee, poop, sneeze, cough, laugh, walk, stand, sit, without discomfort.  Twisting to wipe was a special form of torture.

On Monday, I called out of work and called the doctor. It seemed to me like if it WAS the cyst, that it would have finished doing whatever it was doing by now.  And now my stomach hurt to the touch on the outside.  So, I went in and met with a doctor on call.  He was very nice -- and normally I have a policy of no male docs, but I wasn't about to complain today.  I was pretty sure I was dying.  He was a very sweet, UNBELIEVABLY OLD man.  His movements were incredibly slow, but his mind was spot on.  I must say, if you can have a good pelvic exam, he probably gave me the best one I have ever had.  I mean, you know when you've had a bad one, without a doubt, but considering the level of pain I was already in, I was surprised with how little it bothered me at all.  So, props the 80something doctor.  I wonder how many tens of thousands of exams he's given.  I have a friend who used to work with medical students instructing them how to give a proper vaginal exam ON HER, I have a whole appreciation for the women that do that.  Thank goodness for you!

Anyway, the 3cm cyst that I had on my left ovary is likely to blame for all of this.  True to his word 2or 3 days later, I'm feeling much improved.  The fluid that leaks from the cyst/ovary leaks into the abdomen and causes irritation.  Once it fully aspirates and stops leaking, the discomfort stops.  So, here's hoping it fully resolved and didn't reseal itself, so that I can be on track for next cycle.  Currently, I am showing high fertility today on my ovacue monitor -- hoping to see confirmation of ovulation in the next couple of days and then can look forward to AF once again.  The timing on this is tricky because we are going out of town at the end of September, so hoping everything works out time wise -- it'd be really convenient if I got my period on 9/7 then I can spend part of my tww while on vacation.  Someone recently theorized that if you vacation while on a tww, it will seem like the longest vacation you have ever had.  Sounds good to me!


  1. So glad you are feeling better and I think a vacation during the next tww would be perfect!

  2. :-) It'll probably be cheaper than staying home and peeing on sticks, too. ;-)