Friday, August 3, 2012

Science-y Question...

So, for all of you that know which side your follicles were on -- particularly if you only had mature follicles on one side, I'm curious -- when you got pregnant, do you know which side of the uterus the placenta grew from?

Like, do the eggys drop out of the Fallopian tube like a bad launch in pinball?  Or does it come rocketing out of there and bounce all over the place until it finds a nice squooshy delicious place to feast?

These are the things I think of... and I think it would make a really awesome high school science project.

AFM: Still negative this morning.  Still peeing.  Still have pressure.  No sore boobs, no acne, no usual signs of PMS.  A tiny bit of intermittent cramping today, still have gas (sorry), still impatient.

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