Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Finding the Bloggy World A Little lonely

It took me so long to go from the blogging about getting ready to ttc phase, to the *actually* ttc phase, that all of the bloggy friends I had sort of disappeared.  Most of them are blogging less, since HAPPILY, they have babies and are just too busy.  I get lonely though.  Several of my favorite blogs have become completely inactive, though thankfully they remain available for reference on the internet.  And at least they said goodbye and left avenues for contact, but I miss their contributions.  It's sort of like growing up in a neighborhood for your whole life and having your best friend move away to Florida when you turn 12.

I've been struggling to find new blogs that I really enjoy.  I'm reading lots of new things, but none that I'm really connecting with.  You know how some summers the music on the radio is just so AMAZING and you have to run out and get the cds --ahem-- mp3's right away?  Then, other summers, the music is terrible and you find yourself wondering if there will ever be any good music on the radio again?  It's like that.

So, if you know of any great little blogs that I'm missing out on, please leave them in the comments!

On Going Rogue:

The IUI, went swimmingly.  (hee hee)

I had the same nurse that I had yesterday.  When I came in, she said, "I thought you were going to wait until they called?? You clown, you went all rogue!" Then she turned to H, "Is she always that stubborn and doing things her own way?"

H, "Pretty much."


Anyway, I think the timing was great -- if I do say so, myself.

There was so much EWCM, that it had to be swabbed away before she could start the procedure.  Cervix was nice and open but HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL, was it uncomfortable this time.  I think I just get really sensitive from the meds.  They have to get really good visualization of the cervix in order to do the procedure, so they are IN THERE.  I just find that part so uncomfortable. This time though, the cramping was pretty intense, I actually kind of jumped a little on the table when she inserted the catheter. She must've bumped up against my uterus because it went in easily and I felt the contact up high.  I suppose that is good placement wise, but YOWCH.  Last time, it wasn't nearly as sharp feeling.

So, here we go skydiving off of the two week wait building, once again!

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