Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are You a Good Chicken or a Bad Chicken?

A decidedly BAD chicken.
 Yes. You are reading this report correctly.  I have two soon to be totally mature follicles and one MAYBE will be mature in time 3rd follicle.

Trigger to take place in about 5 minutes.  IUI on Thursday!
I'm a good chicken and I keep my eggs warm. I've been using heat on my belly to increase blood flow.  Compare the numbers from yesterday.  The growth was pretty impressive over the last 3 days.

* Final Report *

REI Ultrasound Form Entered On:  02/19/2013 9:22  
 Performed On:  02/19/2013 9:21  
REI Ultrasound Information Form 
LMP REI :   02/05/2013  
Left Ovarian Length :   40mm 
Left Ovarian Height :   28mm 
Right Ovarian Length :   38mm 
Right Ovarian Height :   25mm 
IVF Endometrium REI :   7.5 
Trilam :   Yes 

REI Left Ovarian Follicle Measurements 
Left Ovary 1 :   11mm 
Left Ovary 1A :   14mm 
Left Ovary 1 Mean :   12.5 
Left Ovary 2 :   18mm 
Left Ovary 2A :   19mm 
Left Ovary 2 Mean :   18.5 
Ultrasound L REI :   18.5, 12.5, m<12 div="" nbsp="">
Left Total Follicles >or= 15 :   1# 
Left Total Follicles >or= 12 :   2# 

REI Right Ovarian Follicle Measurements 
Right Ovary 1 :   17mm 
Right Ovary 1A :   13mm 
Right Ovary Mean 1 :   15.0 
Ultrasound R REI :   15, m<12 div="" nbsp="">
Right Total Follicles >or= 15 :   1# 
Right Total Follicles >or= 12 :   1# 

REI Total Follicles 
Left and Right TTL Follicles >=15mm :   2 
Left and Right TTL Follicles >=12mm :   3 

Result Type: REI Diagnostic Procedure Note
Result Date: 19 February 2013 09:21 
Result Status: Auth (Verified)
Result Title: REI Ultrasound Form


  1. Whoa, this was a blast from the past. It's been a while since I looked at follicle measurements. Apparently it's like riding a bike. Good growing, mama!

  2. Thanks for your cheerleading, Sandra. :-) Things went well today!