Sunday, February 17, 2013

Holding Pattern

Well, the little follies are still little follies.  So, we will repeat the blood work and u/s in two days.
 Hopefully by then we'll have a mighty follie or TWO and will proceed with the trigger shot business.

Originally, the doctor wanted to re-evaluate this plan of treatment, but I insisted that I stay with the current plan of 50mg clomid and ovidrel trigger.  I didn't want to over-treat because I was already ovulating on my own.  We were just looking to gain a little more control over my cycle (due to the incredible cost of swimcicles -- I swear I will never complain about the cost of gas again!), but I wanted to do so as gently as possible.  I'm beginning to rethink.

My lining looks fine at 6.1, so I'm not having issues with that typical thinning that many people have.   However, it seems that the follies are taking longer to mature each time.  Not that this is a huge amount of time, I had one at 14mm and 1 at 12mm on the left side.   However, the last two times, I have had to go in for recheck... and then there are the post ovulation cysts.  I've had two of those and they kinda suck.  I guess they are fairly common with clomid.  Of course, I wonder if my taking a dose of the clomid 12 hours late could have delayed the maturity a bit.

Unbelievably, we are expecting another snow storm here.  I can only imagine what another 4-8 inches will do for the people that built the 12 Foot Snow Penis after the blizzard last week.  I rather enjoy all 4 of the seasons here in New England, so I'm a little giddy for more snow.  With 40 degree temps all week and rain showers, we've watched the snow disappear.  Much of it is nearly gone...

Oh! Check this out!  My friend Jamie Glowacki, Potty Training Extraordinaire at Oh Crap! Potty Training! , and her son sculpted a GIANT NEMO clown fish out of snow and colored it with melted candy!  Brilliant!

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