Friday, February 15, 2013

Public Service Announcement - commenting and iPads

BionicMamas, has brought to my attention an issue that bloggers may be experiencing fewer comments than usual.

With the increase in iPad traffic, you will likely see a decrease in commenting as there seems to be a glitch which prevents commenting from the iPad platform.

My blog is affected by this and people with iPads have reported that they were unable to leave feedback.

If you are able to comment, please do so, I'm kind of a feedback whore.  In return, I promise to be better with commenting.

If you would like to reach me for any reason, you can always email me.


  1. I can't comment on my phone or iPad whenever anyone has the captcha enabled, which yours does. If you turn off the captcha, you'll solve the commenting problem!

    Of course, that then leads to lots of spam if you allow anonymous commenters, but if you don't allow them, you'll get very little spam (at least that's been my experience).

  2. Thanks, Shannon! I changed the setting and removed captcha but now you have to be a registered user in order to comment.