Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Swim Report IUI# 4 Volume .5cc

Annnnd... they're off!
Total count 144 million - 70 million motile (per 1ml) with 35million available for this IUI (.5ml).  Pretty good, I'd say.

The previous donor's counts were:

IUI #1 15mil available motile (disappointing)

IUI#2  33 mil available motile
How is it even possible that this could make a baby? Magic!

IUI#3 32 mil available motile

I'm very fortunate that IUI's are very easy for me.  My cervix is super cooperative and only mildly curved, so an IUI can't really get any simpler.  They were sort of in awe of my unremarkable (perfect?) anatomy.

I cramped like a motherf"*#r today.  We had the best nurse ever.  She was so super sweet and helpful.  Gave me tylenol and a heat pack and the little pull cord for emergencies.  All three worked great.  Particularly the pull cord.  I forgot it was on my lap and when I got up I triggered the, "I've fallen and I can't get up alarm!"  They run fast... and I felt... sheepish. Especially, considering I was still bare ass.  So, I ducked behind the curtain and let Holly deal with my error. 

"Pay no attention to the bare assed woman behind the curtain!"

The nurse didn't do the IUI, but a resident Dr. Kristen Taylor did it.  Perhaps she will be my good luck charm!

I have internet cheapies on the way to help defray the costs of my pee stick obsession.  I like to test the trigger out of my system and then I can watch for  REAL positive (or more usually, negative) result.

And thus begins the longest two weeks of my life.  Pregnant until proven otherwise.

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