Monday, February 25, 2013

Who's Got the Pop?

Popcorn in my uterus
So, physically, I feel pretty damn dreadful.

This discomfort in my uterus/pelvis/back/ovaries?, I honestly can't tell where it's originating from, but it's constant.

I feel like my uterus doesn't fit in my body.  Like, it feels as if it is just sitting on where my lap should be -- as if I should be taller and have a longer torso in order to fit it all in there.  I have a constant dull achy feeling.  I feel "full" in the lower abdomen.  It hurts to stand, walk, pee, cough, sneeze and do anything other than just lay on the couch with a heating pad.  Even that doesn't really help, but I at least feel like I'm DOING SOMETHING to make it better.

Emotionally, I feel fine.  I'm much less crazed, so far, this time around.  I tested yesterday 5 days post trigger to ensure that the trigger was gone, and it is indeed undetectable with an internet strip test. I seem to pretty reliably flush the Ovidrel trigger shot out of my system (hcg) consistently by day 5 post trigger (or 6 days including the day it is administered.)

Yesterday, I was pretty much starving all day and ate like a pig (mostly decent choices except for 1 handful of salt and vinegar chips and 1 cup cake).  I don't recall having this happen previously, but let's say that the hormones definitely affect my appetite.  I, sadly, gained back all of the weight that I lost last year, after the 3 cycles that I did.  And then some... ah well, you gain some, you some lose some, and you gain it back again...

Of course, I have the usual constant urination problem, so that's nothing new to report.  I just feel like my body is appreciating all of this much less than usual.  I feel yucky.

Oh, and if you're wondering what the deal is with the popcorn --  it feels like there is popcorn popping in my uterus.  Pop! Poke! Poke! Pop!  I'm assuming it's probably gas, or uterine twitches or whatever from all of this crap floating around in my body.  It would be inconceivable for to be anything of any consequence considering I am only 4dpo.

God this is a pretty damn whiny post and I didn't even have the decency to be funny about it.

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